Aarseth and Kaarud, Vivat,Wivat and  swedish Helberg etc are some of my main names in Genealogy.

Wow: My part of the family Aarseth and Kaarud , they realy had family had secrets !

They had secrets some places not written in church books so you must know them to find them.

Better said, some of " what they sayd was the thruth are lies in the church books", so in fact you cant find them all.

Or you has to be told by me to know about my part of the family.

Well, you may be can find my roots but not connect to the living ones without my goodness.


My Swedish roots are mainly done by my mother and her cousins,

even if some total strangers like to take the advance for their work .


Even the preast wife like to take the honor of my mothers work ! - He- He

So,  who  said  the  preast  family always  was honest ? :)


Steal someones family and you take their soul.

Please update me where I has some wrong.

Wherever  you  find  a Aarseth and Kaarud, Vivat,Wivat or a swedish Helberg,  you can  count on  I  must  be  related !

If some else has my Aarseth and Kaarud names,they have probably got them from me,  without  nessasary

being  related  in  straight line. -  And  neither  been  allowed  to  publish  my  familystuff.

Noone are allowed to distribute any of the work we spendt money on to sort out without  my  permittion. and Kaarud names , thats my

You  are welcome  to  look  further  into  my  pages at Elisabeth Knutsdatter Langholm Aarseth...

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Another thing are I love  to sharing two ways if you respect not to publish sensitive stuff.


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