Please ,  help  me  find  all  my  roots ! 

Elisabeth, Searching for family,Hjørundfjord,Aarseth,Nøtterøy,Romerike,Helgeland,Andøya-Norway north




Very  many of  my roots ,

if not mostly of my relatives

came Hjørundfjord at Sunnmøre in Møre and Romsdal in Norway.

 Some  surnames are: Aarseth,Walseth ,Førde, Hustad, Kvistad, Eide or Skjåstad

And I did not know about them before I was very grown up.

So I REALY NEED YOUR HELP to find them all


A lot of people from this area of Norway emigrated to America for more than a 100 years ago. 


I  once  "  bought "  a database 

with  my  relatives

But  very unluckely  for  me 

it  was  to  much  wrong  dates  and  to  much  wrong realtionships 

in  in 

That  are  of   course  a  very main  and  important  reason  , 

 I  now  search  all  of  my  Hjørundfjord  family 


But am  not  only searching  for  my descendants  from Hjørundfjord  who  are nearly   all  over the  world.


I  also  search  other  relatives  from  all  over  the  world


Other  realtives   are  among  other  places 

from Nøtterøy  where  my  great  grand  dad  Artur H Andersen

came  from 

-  Arturs  anchers  are  among  other  Kjøle  from Nøtterøy  iland near  Tønsberg


And  Nes,Romerike  ,  where  my  great  grand  mother Ninni  Hanssen

had  her  anchers

Ninni s  anchers  spread  to  among  other  places Ulviken  in Aurskog,  and  Østfold


Then  I  know  I  am  related  to  the  Sognepreast Andreas  Hauge

And  so  I  know  noone  are  able  to  collect  all  their  family  alone


Even  the  "  best  " 

need  help  from other



And  lets  sort  out  if  we  are  related  or  not


My Grand Dad,Ole Amndreas Ananiassen Aarseth

John Strøm's genealogy site, 

mostly from Nøtterøy iland,near Tønsberg in Vestfold





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