Memories from August 2005


I was invited to family gathering in Minnesota

We stayed with some friends in Alexandria and they let us use

their car to travel around Minnesota and to Niagra Falls

and some other places.


The main thing was meeting my family

and all the personal memories I will keep in my heart the rest of my life.


There might be a couple of personal pictures of us at this page,

but there will no be personal picture of my family here.

All I can say , this trip was us much unforgetable as our tour to Arizona,Utah,Nevada and California.

And one of my cousins was the Sherrif

We stayed with the Sherrif for one week in a special jail for us down in the basement .

We was allowed to be visited by the Sherrif s dog and we was even allowed

to go outside daytime :)







Now beeing at both ends of Missisippi !

Minor for half a day !

Wow, we became so small in here :)


Not to forget

Wiking for some secund s


I could very good manage to live i Minnesota area,

except for the big town s .

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