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I used to be a doctors secratary.
I became ill in 1985 so I am not able to work as before.
But I still have sosial innterests and try to help by sharing with other people having problems

I am really worried for the children

growing up with Psycopatich people .
I am still very innteressted in Healt and I just
started Advisery
for Psycopaths children.

Even if they are grown up.

Do you have problems with the
Psycopath ?

Who use to be like a
-- THEN do something about it !

About the Psycopaths cruelty !
The Psycopaths control from
the GRAVE !

A Norwegian Healt paper.
How to handle the Psycopath.... Ask me !
-- Or tell how you handle this !




helse.jpg Different things about health !

Unfortunately only Norweigan yet.



Psykopaten - Hvordan takle Psykopaten ?


Hverdags psykoaten


Psykopat eller psykotisk ?


Net Doktoren

I also do work for Al-Anon Family groups.
Something aboutAl - Anon Familiegroups.
How the members help each other.

Al-Anon Family groups.

If you like my pages ....
I like to help you doing your page for love cost.

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My dream are to get Data a little bit more than a hobby.

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Last year I had visiters who wanted help
to handle the Psycopath.

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